My projects are about identity; the performer before and behind the camera. The pieces take place on several screens designed in a special way to interact with the space.

Other Half

;People are searching for their other half and forget to look in the mirror
;Only once they will find themselves they will be able to find a whole other person

Noa Benosh   -



Gerrit Rietveld Academy

"Milana Yalir has been accepted directly into the second course year of the Audiovisual (Time-based art and design) department by the
examination commission on the basis of the high quality of her work. The Audiovisual department is characterized by the emphasis on development of attitude and visual aptitude, stimulation of self will and conceptual thought, as well as collection of specific disciplines, including film, video, new media, language and sound. Milana Yalir has successfully concluded all the compulsory subjects plus the workshops, projects and exhibitions, ranging from photography and film to performance and animation."

- W.H.J. Fens
Director of academic affairs
Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Milana on Dutch Television