Ana Be'koach music by Roy Zu-Arets visuals by Milana Yalir

The live performance - GALLERY OF DANCE at danslab theatre in amsterdam in 1992 was a total theatre, where design collages of photography and painting came together with the dance and choreography. the re-editing with the music of Roy Zu-Arets ANA BE'KOACH the prayer from psalm for the recovery of  world which is built on 7 chapters, one for each day of the week. lets pray for no more wars. camera:  Maartje Hiep, Peter Kouwenhoven.Lighting by Milana Yalir Opereted by Maartje Hiep and Katerina. doing the follow spot.

Video Milana Yalir. Dance Megumi Eda. Music Henk van der Meulen.

Supperclub 2017


Rhythm of Chance - Milana Yalir - music by Roni Porat

RHYTHM OF CHANCE was made with the support of AMSTERDAM FUND FOR THE ARTS IN 2000. it was commissioned especially for the exhibition: RHYTHM, DANCE IN TIME at the TROPEANMUSEUM. the shoot was taking place at the ROYAL TROPICAL INSTITUTE; the piece was named FROM THE SOUL at first, and the fabulous dancer MEGUMI EDA was invited to join the process of the production.Directed and filmed by MILANA YALIR.

Rite of Spring

Roni Porat conducts the Israel Philharmonic with Clipa Theater. Video by Milana Yalir.

Guardian Angel

Video Milana Yalir. Performance Sarah Zweig. Music composed and conducted by Roni Porat. Played by members of the Israel Philharmonic.

New Supperclub with Rhythm of Chance

Old Supperclub with Cosmopolitan Performance music by Soma

Celestial Visit