LandEscape Article

"Artist and choreographer Milana Yalir's work accomplishes an insightful exploration of the notion of identity, to walk the viewers through a multilayered experience, inducing them to elaborate personal associations and interpretations. Her style rejects any conventional classifications and is marked with freedom as well as coherence, while encapsulating a careful attention to composition and balance. One of the most impressive aspects of Yalir's research is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of providing the reflection on human body in nature with such an unconventional still effective autonomous aesthetics: we are very pleased to introduce our readers to her stimulating and multifaceted artistic production."


- Dario Rutigliano, curator

- Josh Ryder, curator

Sculptures in Nature

Thoughts of Inside Space

Dutch Design Gallery in Amsterdam


I have been creating self portraits ever since I remember myself. In my relation with myself I am always looking for the "new me";  My passion for dance is a reflection to how I look at life and every movement has a certain meaning; in the self portraits I draw in front of the mirror but I am not trying to imitate the lines. Looking at these lines I try to feel them. My deep sensitivity for life, for people and animals comes throughout those lines and manifest my inner movement just as well;

"I was Thinking to Myself" was created on a hand made Indian cotton with Indian black ink.  This piece was presented at the Gallery Dutch Design in Amsterdam during 2016-2017



The abstract paintings bring my feeling for dance and choreography; they explore movement and present my inner energy; when I dance I feel free of boundaries, free to express myself; movement is beyond words, beyond borders and beyond thinking; it deals with the pure motivation of living; when Life & Art merge and become one the vision should be as pure as possible;