interactive media, video installation, dance & visual arts by Milan

Research and development in relating old and new methodologies of different art fields and technology.

Dance for me is like metamorphosis... My body flies through the air defying gravity... I merge into the composition of the space...

Circles was created with the chance meeting point that I believe is a natural way and fluent to merge new motivations in art in particular as in life all together. The name, Circles, is brought by the beautiful and expressive song of Nadav Kadmon. The relationship between the visual and sound is showing inspiration in the search for meaning and what words symbol in Dualism.

Circles - Milan Yalir & Nadav Kadmon

Commissioned by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts for the Royal Tropical Institute and Tropeanmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


"The video-installation is a jewel, a white pearl in a black setting." Wilma Suto
de Volkskrant

The Vision of a Black Swan

Street Dancing

"A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know."

-  Diane Arbus

Sculptures in Nature